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How to Win the Spiritual Battles of Life and Ministry
by Katy Kauffman

What spiritual battles are you facing? Whatever is plaguing us—inner struggles, temptations, spiritual harassment, or opposition to the gospel—we can win our spiritual battles because in Christ, we don’t just survive. We excel.

Will we allow the obstacles and difficulties of our daily Christian lives to overcome us, or will we fight to win the victory over them? The principles that Paul passed to Timothy armed him for victory, and they can arm us, too. Victory is possible because God makes it possible.

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Chapters 1-6 How can we cooperate with God to set things right in our hearts, minds, and daily lives?
by Beebe Kauffman

Evil, the enemy, and sin work powerfully to move mankind toward desolation and destruction. But God, as a masterful Builder and Repairer, is working in our time and throughout history to set things right. What does He set right? People, souls, hearts, minds, and lives. When we trust in Him and turn from sin, God works within us to repair and restore the way we think, what we value, and the priorities and perspectives that move us to action.

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The Stories, Struggles, and Triumphs of 24 Characters of the Bible
by Katy Kauffman

What are the keys to walking in faith, courage, and victory?

Scripture is filled with the stories of real people who became overcomers. They faced struggles, trials, and temptations. They battled fear, doubt, and formidable enemies. But their faith in God gave them the courage to do His will. Their stories give us timeless truths that help us to face our own spiritual battles and win. 

This book won the 2016 Selah Award for Bible studies. 

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What Does the Bible Say, What Does It Mean, & How Is It Relevant to Life Today?
by Beebe Kauffman

The Bible is “a whole lot of wonderful.” It has rock solid truths for us to hold onto in an uncertain world, answers to our questions, encouragement to persevere, instructions and insights that help us with our relationships, and comfort for our trials. It tells us about God who reveals Himself as a loving heavenly Father, and it gives us insights for relating to Him through the record of His interactions with mankind over millennia.

Adam knew God first as Creator, Noah knew Him as Savior, Moses knew Him as the Rescuer of His people and as the Law-giver who helps them realize the abundant life. Abraham came to know God as a Friend, David became a man after God’s own heart, and Hezekiah knew Him as the God who answers prayer and who protects His people from the enemy.

The Bible is a whole lot of wonderful, because it is a book about our wonderful God, His wonderful plan of salvation through faith in His Son, and the wonderful life that He makes possible for those who believe in Him.

The Gospel of Matthew picks up God’s story, just before the birth of His Son as a Man, and tells us about Jesus’ life and teaching, His struggles and victories, and His death and resurrection.

A Whole Lot of Wonderful—the Gospel of Matthew takes the events, teaching, and insights of this great book, and puts them into a form of takeaway that is easy to read and to understand.

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Strategies for Overcoming Spiritual Bondage
by Katy Kauffman and 19 contributing authors

Just like God’s people in the Old Testament longed for freedom from captivity and oppression, God’s children today long to be free from spiritual bondage. Powerful enemies such as fear, anxiety, anger, and loneliness war against our souls, but Christ empowers us to break their chains. Freedom doesn’t have to be a distant dream. It can be our reality.

Does your soul long to be free? Twenty authors have joined forces in this compilation to offer strategies for freedom by sharing personal stories, meaningful Bible verses, and chain-breaking principles. There are even some short stories.

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Looking at the World through the Lens of Biblical Truth
by Ron Gallagher

Like a master storyteller, Ron Gallagher takes everyday occurrences, often interspersed with his own unexpected brand of humor, and weaves them into unforgettable spiritual insights. Whether addressing cultural conflict, hoverboards, “zombie” cockroaches, or Goldilocks like you’ve never seen her, he uses a wide range of illustrations to paint a picture of “right side up” thinking in an “upside down” world.

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A Construction Guide to Godly Character
by Thirty Contributing Authors

How does God make our character more like Christ’s? What is His part, and what is ours?

“Under construction” is the condition of our hearts as children of God. He is the Contractor in charge, and Christ’s likeness is His flawless design. We contribute to the process by cooperating with His work within us and by following the principles and instructions of His word. Then transformation happens.