Obstacle to Christianity: Legalism

by Lyneta Smith

I love traditions. Every fall, I find the cutest pumpkins and pumpkin-spiced candles to cozy up my home. I also buy a couple sugar pumpkins to bake and puree to make pumpkin pie from scratch. All afternoon, the smell of ginger and cloves mingles with bright orange pumpkin puree, tantalizing us with promises of fresh whipped cream and buttery crust.

I love this ritual so much that my family would probably try to get me psychiatric help if I were to forgo it.

Humankind is naturally drawn to traditions—we find comfort, stability, and security in conventions for everything from the way we celebrate holidays to the way we worship.

  By Katy

by Joanna Eccles

Overcoming the Obstacles of the Christian Life
A Blog Series on the Gospel of Mark

The harvest is worth the effort to cultivate good soil. Too often, I sabotage myself by falling into common traps that prevent God’s seed from taking root and thriving. The parable of the sower in Mark 4 highlights some common impediments to growth, but ends with the harvest. How do we avoid the pitfalls of having bad soil? Developing fertile ground requires digging into God’s Word so His truths feed our hearts.

  By Katy

by Katy Kauffman

Overcoming the Obstacles of the Christian Life
A Blog Series on the Gospel of Mark

Her skin grew paler with each passing hour. Jairus laid his daughter’s hand back down on the bed, and stood. He looked into his wife’s pleading eyes, and said, “I’ll find Him.” He kissed her on the forehead and headed for the door. He looked at them over his shoulder as his wife knelt beside the bed. He had to find Jesus.

Jairus traveled up and down the dusty streets until the buzzing of a crowd drew him toward the water. People came from everywhere, also drawn to something, or someone, by the edge of the sea. As he approached the multitude and started weaving his way among the crowd, they noticed him—a ruler of the synagogue—and parted, allowing him to pass.

Cries came from weary souls in the crowd. “Jesus, Jesus! Help me!” The very cry of Jairus’ soul. Then Jairus saw Jesus and fell at His feet.  

  By Katy


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