Isaiah: Setting Things Right

Chapters 1-6 How can we cooperate with God to set things right in our hearts, minds, and daily lives?
By Beebe Kauffman

Evil, the enemy, and sin work powerfully to move mankind toward desolation and destruction. But God, as a masterful Builder and Repairer, is working in our time and throughout history to set things right. What does He set right? People, souls, hearts, minds, and lives. When we trust in Him and turn from sin, God works within us to repair and restore the way we think, what we value, and the priorities and perspectives that move us to action.

The book of Isaiah is the story of a Hero—a loving, skilled, and powerful Hero—who concerns Himself with our welfare and our future. One day God will set things right for the whole world, but the first six chapters of Isaiah focus on the personal level. Isaiah: Setting Things Right explains six ways that we can cooperate with God to set things right in our hearts, minds, and daily lives.

Come, enter into Isaiah’s gallery of vivid pictures and take in the richness of God’s “paintings.” God effects the rescue and relief that we have been waiting for, and builds within His children a new reality of glory and restoration—a reality, not only an ideal to be longed for. Isaiah vividly portrays the keys to possessing this reality.

God is ready to set things right. For you.

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Features of the Book

In Isaiah: Setting Things Right you will find:

  • a Bible study of the first six chapters of Isaiah, organized into 60 devotions
  • each devotion usually takes 5 minutes or less to read
  • most of the devotions begin with a story, an illustration, a fresh approach to the subject, a question, or a compelling statement
  • an emphasis on understanding Scripture and applying it to life today
  • questions at the end of the devotions
  • a review at the end of each chapter
  • instructions to make optional “take-away” cards (to remember a principle of application from the class)
  • a Leader Guide for an 8-week group study


Book Review from Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Entry Title Isaiah:  Setting Things Right
Author: Beebe Kauffman

(Books are evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 meaning “needs improvement” and 5 meaning “outstanding”. This scale is strictly to provide a point of reference; it is not a cumulative score and does not reflect ranking.)

Structure, Organization, and Pacing: 5
Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar: 5
Production Quality and Cover Design: 5
Plot and Story Appeal: 5
Voice and Writing Style: 5

Judge’s Commentary:
ISAIAH: SETTING THINGS RIGHT by Beebe Kauffman is an excellent study for those who really want to delve into the first six chapters of the book of Isaiah. The author has a real heart for her fellow women, and this Bible study could be a life-changer for many of Kauffman's students.

I love the cover. The author is aiming for women, and the pleasant pink, pastel green, and the gorgeous vibrant flower with its reflection in the water are all very pleasant and will appeal to her core audience. The back cover copy is excellent, showing the deep purpose of the study. I think Kauffman's potential readers will be moved to invest their time in this study. Many women feel as though life isn't right, and this study promises to show how God is ready to set things right -- for you. Women love personal studies that will really hit home, and this study makes that promise. The author photo and biography are both appealing.

Inside, the study itself approaches relevant and important questions that are of intense interest to women. The layout is excellent, reminding me of a Beth Moore study, and believe me, that is a compliment. There is plenty of room for writing answers to questions, and I can see from the layout and topics that it is very friendly in that it will encourage women to talk and share. This is an excellent study for a church small group. I hope Beebe Kauffman will continue to author many Bible studies.


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In her Bible study of the first six chapters of Isaiah, Beebe Kauffman uses the image of an art gallery as the backdrop of Isaiah’s vivid “paintings.” She takes us through the six chapters illustrating how we can cooperate with God to set things right in our hearts, minds, and daily lives.

This 60-day Bible study is in a devotional format with questions at the end. The devotionals will enrich your spiritual understanding, and the questions will help you apply to your life the principles set in the book of Isaiah.

Wonderful for personal Bible study, it also has a leader’s guide at the back of the book to be used in group Bible studies.

- Camelia Sims


Isaiah: Setting Things Right helped me to understand how God fixes things on the inside of who I am. It takes cooperating with Him and His transforming work. Beebe Kauffman’s practical application clears up the “fuzziness” of what my part is in the sanctification process. This Bible study also showcases the glories of God, how He cares for His people and seeks to rescue us from sin. He hates sin because He is holy but also because of its effect on us—it harms and destroys us from within. The six ways of cooperating with God to set things right are things I want to memorize and keep in my heart to practice them. God does set things right! He is the Hero.

- Katy Kauffman, Author of 2 Timothy: Winning the Victory


(The following feedback comes from an email sent by a gentleman that Beebe met at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. Used by permission.)

Thank you for sending a copy of your excellent book on Isa. 1-6. I commend you for your excellent writing skills. Your stories and illustrations are well-written, interesting, and enlightening. I particularly like your story on pages 79-81, Day 26, which introduces Isa. 3. Thanks for carefully dealing with the text and seeking to make the text come alive for your readers with personal applications to daily life.

- Tim Christian

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